Polk Audio 5 JR 5JR Plus Monitor Speakers Vintage Audiophile Quality MINT

Polk Audio 5 JR + Monitor Speakers Audiophile Quality MINT! Here is a real find! A set of used Polk Audio 5JR+ Monitor series speakers in mint condition! Check out all the photos of the actual pair offered for sale. These will even be shipped in the original shipping carton with original styrofoam inserts. The logos and black grills are excellent. The box describes the finish as “oak vinyl.” The original owner took really good care of these beauties! Each speaker cabinet has 6.5" woofer/mid driver, a 6.5" passive low frequency radiator, and a silver wire, soft dome tweeter. I do not have the manual or any other specifications. Approximate dimensions of each: 19½ inches H x 9 inches W x 9 inches D. At the price you will pay here, you couldn’t buy speakers at the local big box store of comparable quality. Other eBay listings indicate these speakers sold for about $370 per pair in the 1990s. Sorry – no buy-it-now or early end to the auction. Everyone gets a chance to own these! Terms & Payment Instructions All sales are final. Buyer must pay through PayPal within 3 calendar days of end of auction or send communication regarding payment intentions. If no payment or communication is received within the 3 calendar days, I reserve the right to sell to the next bidder or re-list the item. Shipping Information Shipping provided by UPS Ground. The shipping cost may look high, but remember these are quite heavy at over 40 lbs for the pair. Shipping cost varies by location. We ship within 2 business days after confirmed receipt of payment through PayPal. Thanks for looking! CHECK OUT OUR OTHER EBAY SALES TOO!!! CLICK ON “SEE OTHER ITEMS” IN SELLER SECTION IN UPPER RIGHT OF THIS PAGE TO SEE A COMPLETE LIST OF OUR OTHER ITEMS! On Sep-25-13 at 17:24:23 PDT, seller added the following information: I have received some inquiries from collectors concerning the box and whether it can be protected during shipment and not used as the only shipping container. Since not everyone may even care about the box, I did not include much in the write-up or show all the angles of the box in the photos. First, one side of the box (the best side naturally) is shown in the photos. The opposite side of the box has "speakers" hand printed near the top, the name of the original store in a couple places, some old tape repairing a hole, and I believe about two other smaller hole repaired by tape. Perfectly fine for shipping, but for full disclosure, the box itself is obviously NOT mint. If the box condition is a big issue, send me your e-mail address and I can send you two photos of the less pretty side described above. I must receive your picture request before the final 48 hours of the auction; after that, I will not reply. Since there is now a bid placed on the item, I can no longer edit or add photos. The box is somewhat large and I cannot double-box it like "outside box/packing material/inside box" however I can place a cardboard "skin" around it so the original box itself is not exposed to further scuffing. Hope this helps. Thanks!

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