Atelier Rullit – LAB 8 DEW – Telefunken cones full range speakers for SE amps

Aero 8 whizzers - phenolic spiders - leather surrounds


This is an exceptionally rare occasion to acquire a pair of these unique speakers, based on a German vintage drivers from the 50's. Hard to say with which drivers they may be compared - they're simply playing perfectly and authentically. Rullit whizzers from the new AERO serie phenolic spiders Rullit voice coils wound with selected German made 39's wire leather surrounds OERSIT magnets For small rooms and moderate level no bass support is necessary. Fs 38 Hz ! ! ! Just install on your open baffles, connect with your SE amp and enjoy! In three days we will see who's the lucky one that snapped the treasure. Please feel free to ask any question that may arise.

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Auction price: $197.50

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