Altec 604-8G speakers in 620 cabinets

peterlopatin Store Altec 604-8G speakers in 620 cabinets Here's a pair of Altec 604-8G speakers in 602A cabinets. These are from late 70's and were also marketed as model 17. They are all original , the cabinets are reveneered on the tops and the sides with red oak died in dark brown. Speaker are tested and sound perfect !! The components are : 604-8G duplex speakers with matching 1500Hz crossovers. NO rubbing in woofers. The diaphragms are flawless and original. One woofer has slight crease on the paper cone ( see the picture) The pots in the crossovers are smooth, no intermittence. For info see the link : US shipping is about $250-450(depending on business/residence, east/west coast, etc.) International is about $500-900 . Pick up at airport for international shipments (with possible delivery to a business location for some extra $$). Local pick up is always welcomed too. I've shipped a lot of heavy speakers and have experience protecting corners, sides. I use hard Styrofoam, furniture protective brackets, etc. And of course heavy duty custom made boxes for tight fit, nothing loose inside. Thanks for looking and start BIDDING :o)

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